Guy ‘Loses’ Car He Borrowed from Friend after Forgetting Where He Parked It, Cops Find it in Same Spot 6 Months Later!

One guy from Scotland not only has to pay up some $6,000 in parking fees but he also lost a friend after he ‘loses’ the BMW he borrowed all because he forgot where he parked it!

As crazy as that might sound, the incident actually happened – and it’s been reported by no less than CNN and other major news outlets.

According to the report, the man (whose name was withheld for privacy reasons) borrowed a BMW from his friend. He rode it from Scotland to Manchester, England to watch a rock concert at the Etihad Stadium back in June 2016.

He was so excited to watch the concert, perhaps, that he did not take note of where he parked the vehicle in the multi-story parking lot near the stadium. After the concert, he was aghast when he couldn’t find the car.

The careless man spent 5 days looking for the car but couldn’t find it in any of the nearby parking lots. He eventually had to tell his friend about the lost car.

The angry car owner reported the lost car to the cops in August, saying he was not sure whether the car was really lost or if it was stolen.

It is unknown whether the two are still friends but the reports did not mention what happened in the next months.

But just before the end of the year, cops doing a routine check at a multi-level parking found a car that looked like it had been there for quite some time. Upon checking the plates, they discovered that this car was reported as lost or stolen since August!

The owner must be truly relieved to get the car back – though we’re wondering whether he’s forgiven his friend for losing the vehicle. But pretty sure he wouldn’t be lending that friend his car ever again!

Still, the local police officers in Manchester City Centre couldn’t resist taking a dig at the man who ‘lost’ the car in the parking lot just because he forgot where he parked it.

They sent these tweets:

While the cops didn’t say how much the man and his friend will have to pay in parking fees, netizens estimate it to be around $6,000! What a huge amount to pay for forgetting where you parked a car…

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