Guy Rejected by Girl Still Gives Her His Credit Card, Expresses Surprise after She Buys Bouncy Castle

A young man who got rejected by a girl he was courting did something totally unexpected: give her his credit card details. Perhaps he was just trying to really win her by doing this but he would truly be surprised after she buys a bouncy castle using his money.

According to 17-year-old Leagan Wilson from Texas, there’s a boy she met at a camp some years ago who recently asked her out on date. She said “no”.

Photo credit: Twitter / @leagalicious

Perhaps trying to impress her and hoping it would work, the guy sent her his credit card details and told her to buy anything she wanted. Desperate move? Well, it’s not exactly a smart one but Leagan wasn’t swayed. She still didn’t say “yes” to a date with him.

Photo credit: Twitter / @leagalicious

One day, she saw a house with a bouncy castle and thought about the guy’s credit card and his ‘buy anything’ offer.

She entered the details on the purchase and, voila!, she is now a proud owner of a beautiful bouncy castle.

To celebrate the rather momentous occasion [LOL], she posted this on Twitter to invite her friends to a bouncy castle party – and her post quickly went viral!

Photo credit: Twitter / @leagalicious

The guy was outraged at first. She told UNILAD:

He was pretty irritated at first but then I explained to him, he did in fact say ‘anything’.

I haven’t talked to him since, and the only thing he said about the tweet was to not mention who he was.

A lot of people just couldn’t believe that the guy would give her his credit card details and that she would buy something as crazily outrageous as a bouncy castle.

Photo credit: Twitter / @leagalicious

Others called the post fake, saying no one gives their credit card details to someone they barely knew – especially to a girl who rejected their invitation for a date! Hmmmm. What do you think?

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