Guy Seeks Dating Advice from Professor, Gets ‘Textbook’ Advice that Surprisingly Worked

Jake, a college student, won the internet by posting a successful dating advice that came from his English professor.

Dating does not come easy for some (probably most) people. The hardest part is usually the ‘first move’ which requires insane amounts of courage, support, and preparations.

Normally, guys seek advice from friends or family members but Jake, a college student, decided to go ‘technical’ and asked his English professor.

Instead of giving Jake a draft on what to text, the professor gave an advice straight from a ‘textbook theory’. The professor used the three modes of persuasion: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Jake posted the details on how his professor helped him by drafting the ethos, pathos, and logos diagram.

Photo: Twitter / @squidslippers

Ethos, pathos and logos are persuasion modes used to convince your audience into your way of thinking.

To simplify this, ethos is a way of convincing the credibility of the persuader, pathos is a method of creating an emotional response, and logos is a way of persuading by reason.

Image: Twitter / @squidslippers

After working on the ‘textbook theory’ to persuade Hannah for a date, he formulated a perfect text and it was an astounding success.

Image: Twitter / @squidslippers
Image: Twitter / @squidslippers

Jake managed to get a date with Hannah and he posted pictures to show that the method was a success.

Image: Twitter / @squidslippers