Guy Sets Up Camera to Discover Who’s Been Stealing His Food, Finds Creepy Woman in Video

After food keeps disappearing from his apartment even though he lives by himself, one guy decided to set up a camera to discover what’s really happening. He ends up filming a creepy woman stealing the food and even taking a piss on his sink! Ewwww.

According to Joe Cummings who lives in Manhattan, he was confused why his food keeps disappearing but his girlfriend vehemently denied that she was the one taking the food. So, he set up a camera to catch her in action. Instead, he found something creepy happening in his house.

Photo credit: biljj nyc / YouTube

Some two hours after he installed the camera, it caught something that chilled him to the bones: a scraggly woman coming down into the kitchen via what appears to be a cold air vent, as seen at the upper right side of the video.

But things would soon get even weirder. The woman appears to climb towards his sink and take a piss there!

Photo credit: biljj nyc / YouTube

Then, she went to his fridge and raided its contents. She would also take a peek inside his pantry and walked around the kitchen like she owned the place! It was really creepy to see this, seeing that the woman seemed to have been well-acquainted with the layout of Joe’s kitchen. That means that this was certainly not the first time that she had been there.

Sometime later, when Joe woke up and went to the kitchen, the woman actually knew where to hide so he couldn’t see her! Then, after getting more food, she quickly went out of the house the way she had entered it.

Photo credit: biljj nyc / YouTube

While Joe was able to discover that it wasn’t his girlfriend stealing the food, it opened a lot of questions – like, who was that creepy woman?

We’re quite sure he made steps to ensure the woman won’t be able to get inside again but we hope she can also find help as she seems to be adept at entering people’s homes and stealing. Things could get pretty nasty if someone catches her inside their house.

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