Guy Turns Himself to a Model after Ex-GF Tells Him He Will Never have Abs

Most people surely have gone through a heartbreak or breakup and one knows how moving on can be just as hard, and it is never easy.

They say that the best way to move on from a heartbreak or a breakup is to improve oneself. It might be hard, but at some point, you have to stop looking back and start over again. Show your ex that without him/her, you are an able person, show the world the new you, and that you can be better than you ever were.

It’s always nice hearing stories about people who transform themselves for the better. Like what happened to this Thai man — and we’re happy everything worked for him in the end.

Apparently at first, the Thai man named Ken, a little chubby and a fatty belly, had a girlfriend. Everything went well  but as the time passed, she started pointing out his flaws. The girl told Ken, “You’re just a fatty who doesn’t have the will to succeed; you will never have six packs!” (Ouch!)

Sadly, in the end, she broke up with him and dated another guy after their breakup. However, instead of indulging himself in comfort food after their breakup, Ken decided to show his ex-girlfriend that he can do otherwise, that he can have six-pack abs and be fit.

According to Ken, “I will never forget what she said to me, I just couldn’t get over it!

Photo credit: World of Buzz

He started training and going to the gym and after a few months, he started seeing results. Over time, he successfully lost a whopping 10 kilograms! Amazing, isn’t it?

Look at his pictures below:

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With his fat belly gone, he now has an impressive eight-pack abs. Well, as for his ex-girlfriend, she tried to get back together with him but he declined. Right now, he is working as a model and aspiring actor. When his inspirational story was published, it went viral, making him gain additional followers on social media platforms.