Guy Unknowingly Bought a **** Horse…But Earned a Whopping $2245 Profit From It!

A young guy bought a horse for $250 from a farmer but, sadly, it died before the latter could deliver it to him. It was also too bad that the farmer could not return his money back because it was already spent. But the young man was not perturbed by the unlucky turn of events because he had something planned to get his money back.

The old farmer was alarmed with the young man’s plan, especially after the latter admitted he was going to raffle off the **** horse. Who was going to buy a **** horse, anyway? Plus, someone is bound to complain about it!

Well, this young man is wise. In fact, he is so wise that not only did he get back the $250 he had paid the farmer for the **** horse, he actually earned a profit of $2245 from the carcass! Here’s what happened:

Photo credit: funnygifs
Photo credit: funnygifs


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