Gym owner allows members to borrow equipment so they can continue working out at home

  • To make sure that his members continue to work out at home amid the pandemic, a gym owner allowed clients to bring home equipment
  • Members were able to borrow $40,000 worth of equipment like weights, bikes, rowers, and mats
  • Customers are grateful for the act because they were not only able to keep themselves fit but were also able to encourage family members to workout with them as well

A gym owner in Bloomington, Illinois wanted to make sure that his members maintain an active lifestyle despite being confined inside their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image via Mark Pearson | Be Strong Gym

This is why Be Strong Gym owner Drew Whitted did not think twice about letting his members borrow $40,000 worth of his gym equipment including weights, bikes, rowers, and mats.

Because gyms are closed, he knew there is a possibility that people might start losing their exercise habits, according to Good News Network. But because of his idea, some relatives of their members also started working out.

“Now I see a whole family getting through this shelter in place, getting through this tough time doing these workouts together, bonding together, becoming healthier and happier together as a family,” Whitted told CNN.

Image via Mark Pearson | Be Strong Gym

Member Paulette Cocco, who was able to borrow weights, said she appreciates the gesture. “He had recently put in a lot of money into getting new equipment. The gym’s been growing and we have such a great community. I mean his equipment is really beautiful, so it was a big sacrifice,” Cocco said in an interview with CNN.

Since she started working out at home, Cocco’s husband and daughter started joining her and are even planning to sign up at the gym once it is allowed to operate.

Aside from lending his equipment, Whitted said he will make sure that all eight employees working in the gym will continue to receive their salary.

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