Hair Salon in Thailand Organizes Promo, Hires Gorgeous Men to Entertain Customers

Sutteerak Hair Salon is located in Chanthanimit, Mueang Chanthaburi District, Thailand; it recently opened their second branch on May 2, Wednesday.

Usually, when an establishment opens, they usually organize different promos to attract new customers and also a way for them to market their business.

Image: Next Shark

While most businesses offer discounts, buy-one-take-one sale, Sutteerak Hair Salon has a different way to attract customers – they hired four hot models to entertain the customers; they also gave 10% member discount which is good for 1 year. Wow!

The models entertained the customers by dancing. Look how much they are having fun while dancing.

Moreover, these four good-looking gentlemen wait to escort their customers inside.

They can also wash and dry your hair while being topless. We’re just not sure how these men coped with the cold air  in the salon. They impressively handled this really good!

Image: Next Shark
Image: Next Shark

Of course, being extra, ladies can also request a picture with them but there’s a twist: they will carry you like a princess.

However, this entertaining promotion only lasted for a day as a promotional gig for Sutteerak Hair Salon. Lucky ladies!

This is a good marketing strategy and I’m sure it attracted so many customers and for those who weren’t able to go to their one-day affair, sure enough, they are wishing for another day filled with good-looking men to pamper them.

What about you? Will you interested in this kind of marketing strategy?