Handsome Dentist Charms Netizens with Adorable Video of “In My Feelings” Challenge

When Dr. Rich Constantine of Constantine Dental in Greenville, South Carolina, decided to join the “In My Feelings” challenge, little did he know that this would bring him much internet fame, becoming viral within just 5 hours!

It did help a lot that he’s got a handsome face, a well-chiseled body, and a dazzling smile. As he danced to the challenge, millions of ladies screamed from across the world. LOL.

Photo credit: Constantine Dental / Facebook

Dr. C accepted the In my ‘filling’ challenge today!” the video caption stated, referring to dental fillings rather than romantic feelings as Drake’s “In My Feelings” was supposed to mean but the ladies didn’t mind the difference, all they care about is that this handsome guy is a dentist – and they’re planning to book an appointment and go to Greenville to have him check their teeth.

Within 5 hours, the video hit 1 million views! By evening, it had 19 million; 2 days later, more than 46 million people had viewed the clip. Amazing.

Photo credit: Constantine Dental / Facebook

While the video itself was adorable, you’ll love the comments section! It seems that thousands of ladies have fallen in love with the charming dentist.

Called for an appointment. I got one y’all!!! I told the receptionist I’d take first available! She said ‘Absolutely, Ms McDaniel, we’ve got you down for 10am on July 20th, 2032!!!’ All 1,566,437 viewers made an appointment before me!” one commenter joked.

Greenville, SC population increases from 65k to 1.65million in less [than] 24hrs!!! Well played @drC @constatinedental #besteffectivemarketingever,” another amused netizen wrote.

This is Dr. Constantine’s clinic
Photo credit: Constantine Dental / Facebook

Wondering if he takes my insurance? Also wondering if the 9 hour and 46 minute drive is considered ‘out of network’ for routine care?” another lady commented.

I need an appointment i think every tooth in my mouth just fell out and ummmm my left eye ball….he needs to see me STAT!” still another female joked.

Watch this video and prepare to fall in love…

After doing some sleuthing, however, we found out that Dr. Constantine is taken! Ouch. He’s been married to his equally gorgeous wife, Trish, before he started dental school.

But netizens aren’t backing down, though; many have changed their mind about pursuing him and said that he’s sure to have a good-looking brother or cousin there who is single and available! LOL.

Photo credit: Constantine Dental