Harvard Offers Online Digital Photo Course for Free… It Comes with a Diploma, Too!

While many people these days prefer to use their smartphones to take photos so they can easily share the snapshots on social media, it would still be nice to learn about digital photography using the DSLR camera because there are just a lot of things that the DSLR camera does much better than smartphones.

But photography courses can be quite expensive, right? Well, don’t worry because you can actually take digital photography courses for free – and from no less than Harvard University, too! Plus, if you pass the course assessment, you’ll even get a diploma for completing the course.

Exciting prospect, isn’t it?

The modules for the classes were prepared by computer scientist and photographer Dan Armendariz. Students will not just learn the basics of photography, how to use light to their advantage, and how to best use their cameras to create the best photos, they can also learn how to use computer software to process their photos and achieve the best results.

What makes the course more awesome is that students get to work on the modules at their own pace. There’s no pressure to get things finished at a certain deadline; thus, students can practice and study all they can before taking the assessments.

To get the diploma, you must pass 80% of the assessment.

Interested now?

So, here’s what you should do. Head over to ALISON, the world leader in offering free online courses in partnership with various schools, universities, and field experts.

Learn more about the course on the page [Click Here] and click “Start the Course” once you are ready to learn from the experts at Harvard University.

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