Have a Laugh at These 10 Silly Students’ Answers to Test Questions

It is true that some teachers take pleasure in creating the most difficult exams just to make their students’ lives miserable (or so we all would like to think, anyway) but there are also students who enjoy making their teachers laugh (or cry) by making silly answers to test questions, some of which are actually easy to answer if they were actually listening in class!

I couldn’t recall making fun of any test question in a teacher’s exams back when I was in school but some people actually think they can get away with not knowing the answer by trying to be silly. Well, this would be fine if the teacher has a good sense of humor; still, the student should not expect to pass the test just because he/she has a humorous answer to the test question.

Check out 10 of the silliest answers to rather easy test questions, as compiled by Top Media:

What do you think of these answers?

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