He Calls Her a “Piggy” But Freaks Out When She Turns Around

Many guys find it easy to catcall or name-call someone passing right by them, mostly because these people do not them anyway.

What happens when they catcall people they actually know? The trouble begins, for sure.

In this social experiment by sporting equipment company Everlast, a family member of known offenders a requested to participate. This family member will be asked to walk along the street where the offender is known to hang out in. The catch here is that the family member is disguised a bit so the offender will not recognize her immediately.

Most of those who were asked to participate were actually the mothers of the offenders.

On the day of reckoning, the ladies underwent a makeover and wore makeup or wig to disguise their features. They were also clothed in items they don’t usually wear.

What these ladies discovered about their sons shocked them so much that they had to return and give these lads an earful.

Watch the video below:

I wish many boys and even grownup men would watch the video and understand the message it brings, not just laugh at the lads who catcalled their own moms…