He Fills Their House with Thousands of Plastic Balls…Fun! Fun! Fun!

Many kids love balls, especially plastic balls you can place inside a pool or any enclosure so they can jump in and have a good time.

Now, what would happen if you fill your house with plastic balls? Well, the kids will surely have a great time! I think I would also have a great time jumping in on those balls and feel like a kid again.

Of course, the clean-up job afterwards would be a difficult one but I bet the fun part will be worth it – or is it? Well, Roman Atwood and his gang did not post the clean-up video but they must have spent hours getting rid of all those colorful balls in that house. LOL.

Would you be willing to fill your house with these many balls, given the chance? I bet many of us would!

Check out the fun video here and watch the reaction of Roman’s wife when she arrived to find the ball-filled house: