He Filmed Dark Spots Swimming…He Was Horrified When They Reached the Shore

A tourist was at the beach when he noticed something weird some yards away, reports RachFeed. It appears that some dark spots were swimming towards the beach. He was not sure what these spots were at that distance, so he whipped up the camera to film the scene.

As the creatures came closer, he realized these were dolphins! What was quite horrific about it is that these dolphins appeared to be afraid of something from wherever they came from, so they swam so hard that they did not notice they were already in shallow waters.

Within seconds the pod was beached. The dolphins trashed on the beach as they tried to swim back to deeper waters yet the oncoming waves continued to push them to shore.

Lucky for these dolphins, several tourists were at the beach at that time. These people were at first not sure about what they would do but when a couple of men were able to successfully pull the dolphins by the tale, sending them back to the waters, several tourists soon helped.

Watch the incredible rescue below: