He Found a Way to Pay Off His Debts…And it Involves His GF!

When deep in debt, what are you willing sacrifice so you can pay it off? Many would have to swallow their pride and ask help from their family while others might need to sell their property and vehicles.

Now, let me just ask you a weird question. Would you be willing to sell your loved ones so you can pay off your debt?

Photo credit: MonoGlobalTV/YouTube
Photo credit: MonoGlobalTV/YouTube

Outrageous question, isn’t it? But this video taps on our emotions by doing just that – showing us a guy who is so heartless he was willing to give his girlfriend to the loan sharks just so his debt will be erased. How utterly crazy!

Our partners in life were there for us to love but how could a man have the guts to do this?

Watch this video:

If you were in the girl’s shoes, what would you have done afterwards?