He Made a Dangerous Mistake by Accidentally Spilling Coca-Cola on a Server, But Why is Everybody Smiling?

With the power of social media and internet, it can be used to spread either happiness or hate. It’s up to the person using the internet to either make or break someone’s day. Because after all, at the end of the day, life’s whatever we make of it. So why not #MakeItHappy? But sadly, not all the time the internet is a happy place. You know that it can be a really horrible place, with lots of haters and cyberbullies lurking in it, waiting to strike for its next victim.

Coca-Cola hopes to change all of that–or maybe at least steer things to a different direction—and they showed it in their 2015 Super Bowl campaign. The video, which was uploaded in their YouTube channel Coca-Cola has over 4.6 million views to date. Coca-Cola has teamed up with Novak to spread its own mission of making the cyberworld/internet a “nicer” place.

Andy McMillin, VP and General Manager for Coca-Cola Trademark Brands said this:

We’re all surrounded by stories of online negativity, and it’s a concern that only continues to grow within society…We hope this campaign inspires people across the country and around the world to show more positivity in their online actions, and to stop and think before posting a negative comment. Coca-Cola has always stood for optimism, uplift and inclusion… and these core values have been a common thread in our advertising through the years.

The video shows a man working inside a room full with wires, cables, networks and server–most probably inside an IT unit; he was drinking Coke and when he puts it back, it spills all over the machinery.  It was a dangerous mistake but why is everyone smiling? Hit the play button below and find out!

Find out how you can make the Internet happier at http://www.GoMakeItHappy.com. Have a great day everyone!