He Needed Neat Clothes for a Job Interview But Couldn’t Afford an Iron. So, He Used This Hot Pot…

Even if you are in the darkest of times and the lowest of lows, you can find a way to change your situation – this is what one guy has proven to us all. In a video that has since gone viral on a Facebook page, a guy whose name was not mentioned could be seen using a pot, possibly filled with hot water, to iron his shirt.

According to the video description, the guy needed to go to a job interview hence he had to have neat clothes but he could not afford an iron; thus, he used what was easily available to him – a pot!

We do not know the exact circumstances why he had to resort to using a pot as iron when he could actually afford a cellphone (used to take the video) but many netizens pointed out that a cellphone is much more important than an iron because he can use it for prospective employers to call him while an iron can only do keep his clothes neat.

We are definitely not in the position to question this man’s choices (between iron and cellphone) but we sure hope he got hired in that interview and was able to buy a proper iron…

He had to get to a job interview but he could not afford an iron…..This is true definition of NO EXCUSES!

Posted by You gotta Share this sht on Sunday, October 25, 2015