He Only had a 3% Chance of Ever Walking Again…Then, He Does This on Graduation Day

After a football accident in 2010, Chris Norton was only given a 3% chance of ever gaining movement below the next – that means never ever walking again, writing, playing sports, anything that requires movement.

Yet this determined young man wouldn’t let such a sad prognosis rule his life. With months of therapy and hard work, he was able to gain control of his limbs, enough to sit upright and finish school. We could only imagine how difficult it had been for him to go through the motions of school yet he was able to pass.

On his college graduation, he was determined to walk on the stage to receive his diploma. With the help of his fiancé, he was able to achieve the feat with baby steps with everyone cheering for this brave young man.

It was a tear-jerking moment. Watch it on video here: