He Pranked GF by ‘Cheating’…Her Revenge had Him Writhing in Pain

After a prankster hurt his girlfriend by pretending he was cheating on her, she decided she would make him pay for his actions. However, she did not want it to be just a simple revenge. She wanted it to be something he would never forget for the rest of his life!

We’re talking here about prankster Cenek of the ViralBrothers. [Watch his prank here: He Pranks GF by Pretending He Cheated…But Her Reaction had Him Running]

We could say he’s both lucky and unlucky. In the video below, you will see just how his girlfriend exacted her revenge. It was certainly not a sweet revenge – it was the craziest I could ever imagine. It had me wondering whether these two will truly end up married or if this on-going exchange of crazy pranks would get one of them seriously hurt someday and they would break up.

I honestly could not imagine how Cenek would forgive her for this revenge prank – or how the guy would exact his own revenge prank later on!