He Returned a Dropped Wallet and Asked for Spare Change, What he Received in Return is Unexpected.

What would you do if you find a wallet, especially if you just saw the person in front of you drop it? In the presence of others, many would say, “I will return it, of course!” yet the reality is often different. Many would choose to keep the wallet, believing it was theirs to keep – finder’s keepers.

Pranksters ViralBrothers decided to create a social experiment to check just how honest people are – and give a huge reward of $1000 to that person.

While walking, one would drop the wallet in front of a homeless person while the other one will be filming the drops.

For five days, the two walked around dropping wallets yet not one of these were ever returned to them. Then, just as they thought they would never find their honest guy, a homeless guy called out to the first guy so he could return the dropped wallet.

After returning the wallet which, by the way, he did not even try to open to check for cash, the old man asked for spare change because he was hungry. Imagine that! He was hungry and penniless yet the dropped wallet did not tempt him one bit!

Watch the video here: