He Spent $60,000 on Kitchen Makeover but His Wife’s Reaction is Simply Crazy!

His wife was on vacation for a week when he decided to makeover their kitchen to fulfill her dreams but her reaction to the change was totally unexpected.

After installing great cupboards and extra amenities such as an ice machine, two coffeemakers, two ovens, and lots of other improvements, the man was so sure his wife would love the makeover. Aside from doing it himself, he also spent around $60,000 for it.

Together with some friends, he was ready to spring the surprise on his wife but she was not impressed. She did not like the color of the walls, called the ice machine “redundant”, and simply did not like the changes he made.

Check out the video below:

How could she not appreciate such a wonderful job? Well, it turns out this was merely a prank. The kitchen did not actually belong to a house but to a large vacation rental called Rock of Ages which was made for entertaining that’s why there are two sets of everything, including two ovens.

The prank was well played – though it somehow backfired on the real-life couple as they got a lot of hate messages from people who did not really read the video description.