He Spent Hours Working on the Cat Door. Only for the Smart Feline to Do This…

If you can’t always be around to open doors for your pets, it is a good idea to install a cat or dog door so they can let themselves in and out without you worrying that thieves could also fit in through the opening.

So, one guy spent hours working on a cat door for his beloved feline, Philo. Proud of what he had accomplished, the guy filmed the first moment the long-haired Siamese gets to use the special door.

But everything did not turn out as he had expected. The cat did notice the door, yes, but it had something else in mind that had me laughing so hard. Instead of squeezing itself through the small cat door, the feline stood on its hind legs (revealing how tall he actually was!), cranked the door handle, and pushed the main door open!

Who needs a small cat door when he can go through the much larger main door, anyway? LOL. I love this cat!

Check out this smart feline outwit its owner in this video:

Source and Featured Image Credit: SF Globe