He Tried to Trick Some Homeless People That They Dropped Their Money… Their Response Had Me Clapping!

Many homeless people could use some extra cash and would gladly accept money from others but would they remain honest if someone told them he had picked up the money they (the homeless people) dropped even if they really didn’t drop it at all?

Vlogger Johal tried to find out through a small social experiment how homeless people would react if he tried to trick them by saying that they dropped their money to see whether they would stay honest or whether they would wrongfully ‘admit’ that the money is theirs.

In his social experiment, Johal was amazed that all the homeless people he tried to trick actually remained honest and told him that they had never dropped money even if he insisted that he saw them drop it. This simply goes to show that even if these people could surely use the extra cash, they still have their integrity intact and wouldn’t lie just to get money that wasn’t really theirs.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

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