He Turned Their House into a Giant Christmas Display…So They did This

When pranks get out of hand…

Celebrity couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski live right across the street from the house of a close friend, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

They have a holiday tradition of pranking each other, something started by Emily and John when they broke into Jimmy’s house some years ago to install a Santa and snowman light display inside the living room.

To get back at the couple, Jimmy bought a large neon insurance sign which he installed at the couple’s front wall.

So started a yearly tradition of pranking each other.

The second year was different. Emily and John placed a zombie at Jimmy’s yard – for Christmas! He retaliated by placing a large inflatable reindeer at their driveway, complete with some reindeer poop.

Last year, Jimmy decided it was time for them to stop the pranks. So, he made sure he would prank the couple with something they surely could not top. While they were away, he had their house giftwrapped in cheery paper and turned it into a giant Christmas display; complete with tin soldiers, large boxes of gifts, Christmas lights, and fake snow.

Jimmy had the last laugh because the couple was not able to prank him that year – for how could anyone top that prank, really?

…but that was not the last of it. This year, the couple found a way to top his prank last year. The pranks kept on coming…reaching a finale when he invited them over to his show.

Watch the crazy pranks here: