He Turns On the Faucet…And Honey Comes Out the Tap!

Honey is a wonderful food – we all know that. We also know how hard it could be for beekeepers to harvest the honey because the bees can be quite territorial and their sting is something to reckon with…

Still, honey is gold; thus, beekeepers had to find ways to get the honey without getting stung. This could mean wearing bee-proof clothes and stuff like that.

Photo credit: YouTube/FlowHive
Photo credit: YouTube/FlowHive

Now, it would have been wonderful if harvesting honey was as easy as turning a tap on and having the honey flow straight from the hive, right? Well, that’s not a dream anymore because of “Flow”, the fantastic invention that allows beekeepers to circumvent their usual methods of harvesting honey.

You’ll surely love to have this beautiful and innovative invention. I can’t wait for this to hit the stores so I can have fresh and free-flowing honey in my yard anytime of the year…