He Wanted to Look Like the Incredible Hulk…And Almost Lost His Arms

How far is one man willing to go to look like his favorite superhero? Well, for 25-year-old bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves, the answer is anything!

Three years ago, he looked like any other guy but he had one big dream. He wanted to look like the Incredible Hulk, with super huge muscles – but with no green muscles, of course.

He started going to the gym and met some guys who introduced him to synthetic filler synthol which is injected into the muscles to increase their mass. Satisfied with how the product worked to his liking, Romario began injecting himself more than what was necessary so that he did look like the Incredible Hulk after some time.

His hulking frame was something straight out of the comic books that a lot of people would ask him to pose for pictures even while he is walking out in the streets. However, the use of synthetic fillers not only gave him unnaturally large biceps, it would soon lead him to depression – especially after he learned that the doctors might have to amputate his now aching arms.

The depressed Romario attempted to take his own life, which cost him his job. He almost lost his family as well. Thankfully, he woke up from his addiction and took control of his life before it got the better of him. He went to the doctor to have his arms amputated but soon received the good news that he could keep his arms after all.

…Then, one day, he found another exciting new substance: a horse hormone called estigor. He bought some – but would he dare use it?

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