He Went Out to Eat with His Kids. When He Asked for the Bill, He Got this Instead…

I’ve always believed in the saying, “Every day may not be good; but there will always be something good in every day.” This father posted a story to Reddit that shows just what the saying says. As he explains, he went out to eat with his kids in a restaurant, which he described as a “restaurant that’s generous enough to feed kids for free”.

After taking his kids to eat out at a restaurant, he found  a folded napkin and also learned that their meal had already been paid for. He was grateful and said, “I really needed this, things aren’t always easy.”

When he opened the napkin, he couldn’t believe what he found inside it. Inside was a note written by a presumably older woman who paid for their lunch.

The note reads:

I have enjoyed watching your precious children & how they interact with one another. I had 1 older sister & 2 younger brothers. My sister & 1 brother have passed away & I miss them terribly. It is always fun to imagine how we were as children & how mom handled all of us. You are obviously doing a great job….. big brother even shared his pickles voluntarily.

God blessed me this morning with a few extra dollars & I’d like to spread the blessing because your family was a blessing to me as I enjoyed my lunch.

Keep doing what you’re doing with them and the world will have 3 more great adults one day.

A Mom & Grandmother.

He added:

“I appreciated reading this at a time where I felt challenged as a parent. That said, I have truly enjoyed being able to share it with others because a deed like this rarely gets the recognition it deserves.”

Photo credits: Imgur

Thumbs up to how you raise your kids, sir!