He Went to Bed with Girlfriend…Wakes Up with Her Mother!

How would you feel if you wake up lying next to your girlfriend’s mother or mother-in-law? Crazy, right?

According to RachFeed, Five Belgian couples were sent on a free vacation to a sunny destination to have fun. The girls were in on the prank but the boys had no idea that the girls’ mothers were also taking the same trip.

At midnight, the girls woke up and went outside while their mothers took their places in the respective rooms. When the boyfriends woke up, their reactions were crazy.

What’s the point of the prank?

This has been a subject of debate since the video was uploaded in 2012. Many people bashed the ad for being too shallow, saying that love should be unconditional – that you should love your girlfriend/wife to the end, no matter if she grows old and wrinkled.

Yet others understood the reason for the ad: that the boyfriends should encourage their girlfriends to protect their skin, so they won’t age faster than they should. Hmmmm

What do you think of the ad?