Heartbroken Husband Searches for Ex-Wife Who Left with Huge Amount of Debt and Stolen Money

A man identified as Tang, a 31-year-old mechanical engineer from Kulim, Malaysia, was conned by his wife who was identified as Chen, 26, who came from Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia.

He thought they were both perfectly in love until she ran away and left him with huge debts; a large amount of money was also stolen from him.

Image: World of Buzz

The couple got married in 2016; he thought that she was a good person as she even donates to a charity.

I trusted her and gave her two supplementary credit cards. I even let her handle the payment for the credit card bills,” Tang explained in an interview.

Poor Tang was not aware of his wife’s activities until he received several calls from the bank informing him about his outstanding credit card bills amounting to RM 40,000 (around $10,000). Chen also has stolen an amount of RM 60,000 (around $15,000) worth of valuables and cash.

Money has always been present in the couple’s lives. In fact, Tang helped her to get a personal loan of RM 20,000 (around $5,000) because Chen claimed her family needs the money for business matters.

Chen left Tang in December and until now, he knows nothing of her whereabouts. Tang is still hoping for her to come back, perhaps not to be with him, but to settle the debts from with banks and return all the money she had stolen from him.

This is not the first time she fooled a man. It turned out she had cheated three other men for their money in 2014. One man was smart enough to check the luggage she left at home to find out that Chen had several credit cards under other people’s names.