Heartless Dad Abandons Newborn Baby after Seeing Her Face, But She Grows Up Defying All Odds

There are many instances in life when we don’t really get what we want – and even if we do get what we wished for, sometimes it arrives much different than what we had in mind. And that’s really a sad reality in life and we just have to learn to deal with it.

But one dad in Russia could not accept the child he was given – for even when she was just a baby, her face already looked so old! He took one look at his newborn baby and fled, leaving his wife behind.

Photo credit: Newsner / YouTube – Первый канал

This heartless man’s wife, Irina Nezhentseva, couldn’t believe that her husband would leave her and their newborn baby, Katja; however, she did her best to raise the child on her own. With much love for the baby, Irina raised her like a normal child and never made her feel that she was less than the other kids.

Thus, Katja was a bit shocked when the other kids were afraid of her when she started school. The other kids laughed at her old face.

Ashamed of her face at first, Katja would soon gain the resolve to accept what the other kids were saying and to make them see how beautiful she was on the inside, despite looking strange on the outside. Soon enough, she gained a lot of friends.

Photo credit: Newsner / YouTube – Первый канал

While most of those who have progeria, the condition she was genetic diagnosed with, rarely live past 13 years old, Katja defied all odds and grew to adulthood.

Amazingly, she met a guy who loved her for who and what she was – and they even have a son together! Denis had actually dialed the wrong number and ended up talking to Katja. They so enjoyed their conversation that they went on a date and fell in love.

Photo credit: Newsner / YouTube – Первый канал

Because most of those with progeria do not live to adulthood, it is unknown whether the condition is passed on to their kids; however, Katja’s son didn’t inherit her condition.

Today, Katja shares her story with the world and aims to continually inspire people with her story…