Heartless Mom Throws Baby Out the Window Because Her Boyfriend Returned to His Wife

Netchanok Nokyungtong is a 20-year-old woman from Thailand. She was really devastated when her 40-year-old boyfriend left her and returned to his family in South Korea after she said she was pregnant.

According to Inside Readers, she said that she went into labor in her flat in a high-rise block located in Pattaya, Thailand and gave birth to a baby boy. Afterwards, she wrapped her infant in a plastic bag and threw him from her bedroom window. Oh, my God!

Image: Inside Readers

This horrific incident was witnessed by a person who was located on the 4th floor of the building. The baby hit the ground at around 5 pm. He immediately ran down and checked what was the thing that had fallen down and was very shocked to find that it was a baby.

Image: Inside Readers

According to Police Colonel Apichai Khemphet, the head of Pattaya Police, Nokyungtong admitted the crime that she gave birth in the bathroom where her blood was found on the floor and because she was really heartbroken, she decided to put the baby in a plastic bag and throw it out of the window.

“Miss Netchanok Nokyungtong gave birth in the bathroom where blood was found on the floor. She said she was shocked and not ready for the birth. The boyfriend is a married foreigner from South Korea who did not want to stay with her.

She was heartbroken because he returned to his family. She put the baby in a plastic bag and threw it out of the window and it died.”

Image: Inside Readers

“This is a very brutal crime. The baby was born in a healthy condition. The mother did not have grief for what had happened,” Police Colonel Apichai Khemphet added.

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