Heartless Woman ‘Happily’ Chats with Friend Before Murdering Her Using Cyanide in Her Favorite Drink

To many people dining at the Cafe Olivier in Jakarta, Indonesia one fateful day, it looked like a beautiful reunion of three college friends who have not seen each other for a long time – but the lovely mood would quickly turn dark because one of them had a sinister plan that she’d been brewing for months! And it would lead to the untimely ***** of a girl who had once been her roommate and good friend.

Back in Billy Blue, a design college in Sydney, Australia, Mirna Salihin and Jessica Kumala Wongso were good friends and roommates. All these changed when Mirna discovered in mid-2015 that Jessica had a boyfriend; she warned the latter that her boyfriend was “rough” and was using *****. She advised Jessica to break up with her boyfriend before it was too late.

Following her friend’s advice, Jessica broke up with the guy – only for him to become violent and beat her up. Domestic disputes would follow, with some even requiring the assistance of Australian police. But Jessica put the blame on Mirna, not on her boyfriend. So, even then, she began plotting revenge against her friend who she believes was the one who ruined her relationship.

Design student Mirna Salihin (R), who was poisoned by her friend Jessica Wongso (L) Caption and photo by" The Sun UK
Design student Mirna Salihin (R), who was poisoned by her friend Jessica Wongso (L)
Caption and photo by The Sun UK

The two friends had a major falling out. Mirna eventually went back to Indonesia where she got married.

Months later, Jessica would connect with Mirna on WhatsApp and travel all the way from Australia to catch up and be friends again. Their first meeting had been uneventful. Mirna was with her husband when the two old friends met for the first time after having a major fight in Australia.

Jessica would organize another reunion with Mirna, this time with two other college friends, one of which is Juwita Boon who they also call as “Hani”. Plotting out how she would carry out the murder, Jessica arrived early and ordered drinks for everyone, including Vietnamese iced coffee which was Mirna’s favorite.

CCTV footage showed that she took one of the drinks to her side and placed three gift bags around it. She left it there for a few minutes before pushing the drink back to the center of the table and moving the bags to the side. Investigators believe at some point, she was able to put in the cyanide but her lawyers argued that all evidence against her are circumstantial and even the CCTV cameras couldn’t show that she placed something in Mirna’s glass.

Photo credit: Supplied/News AU
Photo credit: Supplied/News AU

When Mirna and Hani arrived, Jessica offered them their drinks. Mirna drank heartily from hers but quickly complained that it tasted awful. Hani also tasted the drink and was shocked at its hot, spicy, and bitter taste.

Two minutes later, Mirna collapsed and began convulsing. Foam came out of her mouth. But while Hani screamed for their friend, Jessica allegedly did nothing at all to try and help Mirna.

Staff at Cafe Olivier quickly brought Mirna to the hospital but the doctors could no longer revive her. Fifteen minutes later, Mirna was declared **** and Jessica was treated as the primary suspect.

Her trial continues; though her team of no less than 15 lawyers is trying its best to have her acquitted, arguing that it was utterly absurd for Jessica to hold a grudge against Mirna just because of some advice about her boyfriend and that it was a ‘crazy idea’ that she would spend so much money to take a trip to Indonesia from Australia just so she could murder a woman who was her best friend.

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