Heartwarming Ad Will Make You Want to Go Home ASAP and Share a Meal with Mom

Nothing beats mom’s cooking, they say.

In this fast paced world that we live in today, it seems like we’d rather eat at a fancy restaurant or fast food chains than go home and eat with our parents. While people are busy growing up and having a life of their own, they are slowly forgetting the things that really matter.

Let me tell you something. Of all the restaurants I’ve tried, every fast food I brought home, every delicious food discovery I enjoy and share, there’s still nothing in this world that can beat home cooked meal prepared by someone who knows exactly the way through my stomach and heart, and loves me unconditionally. There is something in mom’s cooking that we crave once in a while, and maybe that secret ingredient of her is love.

A short ad uploaded by Heavenly Rice became viral, touched the hearts of many people and pulled on their heartstrings as it makes us remember the joy of waiting for mom’s full course meal – the happiness of eating together with mom.

The video opens to a boy arriving from school to his grandfather’s store and opening a lunchbox. We see him getting sticky notes attached to his lunchbox from his mom, filled with words of love.

From then on, he made it a habit of leaving sticky notes to the orders of his grandfather’s customers and his message touched their hearts. I bet by the end of the video, you’ll have watery eyes.

Watch the video below:

Did it give you the feels? When was the last time you ate with your mom? This weekend, have a meal with your mom and rekindle the taste of Mom’s cooking. This ad will surely make you remember the things you’re missing while you pay for your order.

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