Heartwarming: Man Offered His Own Clothes to Homeless Man on Subway!

Homelessness is a growing problem in cities from all over the world. Many people out there lose their jobs and end up in the streets, where they starve and experience a series of being the lowest of their lives — this is the time that they need a helping hand.

And this is exactly what a man did when he saw a shivering man on a Brooklyn-bound A train in New York city. The heartwarming video which was shared on Facebook by Lazaro Nolasco has been viewed over nine million times and shows the moment a man gave a shirt to a homeless man. At first, we see the Good Samaritan stand from his seat, take his shirt off, and offer it to the homeless man who wholeheartedly accepted it. He helps to adjust the shirt on the man and then returned to his seat. But that’s not all! Moments later, he returns with a black bonnet that he also placed on the man’s head.

Even if the conversation between the pair is not that clear, the gesture is enough to be appreciated by everyone. The shirt and the bonnet may not seem much to some, but the homeless man will feel a little warmer–especially in his heart!

Watch the heartwarming video below.