Heartwarming Video: Dog Places All 11 Newborn Puppies on Foster Mom’s Lap

A video of a dog placing all her newborn puppies to her foster mom’s lap became viral. This is particularly extraordinary because dogs have tendencies to be hostile when they have just given birth.

Image: YouTube

Stevoni Wells Doyle, the foster mom said that Grayce, the pitbull, was previously neglected before they had it 3 weeks ago. Considering that the dog is still new, the moment was quite amazing and unexpected. She also said that she had already taken hundreds of dogs before for fostering but she had never seen anything similar to this.

Doyle said that Grayce is probably still unsure of what to do with the newborn babies and is probably asking her to take the 11 babies as well.

The puppies are set be up for adoption after eight weeks through a group called Rescue Rovers. The group is based in Utah, US.

Getting people to adopt the puppies should be quite easy now since the video got viral.

Source :

Fox News

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