HELPFUL TIPS 101: If You Have this Plant at Home, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders and Other Insects Ever Again! Would You Want One?

There are around 200 million insects in the world: some are big, some are small. Most often, they have wings or antennas and are usually small in size; and each play an essential role in nature: either they feed on other species and prevent them from turning into big plagues and some become pollenizers of plants when they eliminate and decompose organic matter but sometimes, there is no doubt that the occurrence of some insects in the home is quite unpleasant. Like for example, bees, cockroach and spiders, most people would panic, scream and get anxious as soon as they see them, and if ever there is an option,none of us wants them near us or our family.

Thankfully, nature has also provided us with natural insect repellents (which do not contain harmful chemicals nor does it affect our health) that we can use.

The plant that we are going to present to you in this article is a fantastic natural repellent of insects and it will also provide a great and refreshing smell into your home! Why not give it a try?

The main ingredient is fresh mint, a type of aromatic grass of big diffusion, appreciated by its characteristic refreshing fragrance. It is usually used in gastronomy, but many people don’t leave aside its therapeutic properties.

How to use it?

It is very simple. First, prepare a well concentrated mint tea. Place it in a spray bottle and spray every corner of your home, especially the corners of the doors and the rims of the windows. All you need to do is spray and spread it everywhere you have noticed mice or insects lurking. The smell will be disagreeable for the insects and it will keep them away from your house. It will also give your home a fresh and pleasant aroma.

Photo credits: Healthy and Natural Life

Give it a try!

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