Her Crashed Car was Hidden from Sight and She was Dying…Then a Stray Dog Miraculously Appeared

Living in the rural area has its pros and cons. For example, the roads leading to your home could be quite picturesque as there are no buildings to mar the view, only trees and nature for you to enjoy. However, this can prove to be a disadvantage in emergency situations as it might take time for someone to pass by the road or your crashed vehicle might be hidden from view by the tall vegetation.

This is what Shannon Lorio experienced in her hometown in Pavo, South Georgia. The roads are winding and picturesque. She has driven through these roads for years but on one particular day, she fishtailed down a curve as she was speeding after an argument with her husband.

Her car landed in such a way that it was hidden from view. When Shannon came to, she realized she was trapped inside the car, bleeding. Knowing full well that no one would probably take notice of her car unless they were searching at that particular bend, she lay dying inside the vehicle. She was falling in and out of consciousness for what seemed like forever.

Then, a furry hero arrived: a stray dog who appeared out of nowhere in that area far from homes. The dog dragged her out of the crashed vehicle and helped her towards the road where a passing vehicle finally saved her.

Watch her incredible story here: