Her Daughter is Going Away for a Foreign Scholarship… Mom’s Send-Off Surprise Will Melt Your Heart

Can you bear to have your kids live far away from you? While parents always wish their kids would stay close and connected with them for the rest of their lives, they must also understand that at some point their offspring should get their own wings and fly; in such moments, all they can do is let their children go because that would really be the best for them to do.

This is what happened to Leticia and her mom who are from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Leticia wanted to take advantage of a hard-earned scholarship abroad and although this broke her mother’s heart, the supportive woman understood that it was all for her daughter’s benefit.

But because she could not bear seeing her child’s plane take off, then driving back alone to their home, she told Leticia she won’t be sending her off to the airport.

Thankfully, some people were with the girl to shoot a documentary – or so she thought. What Leticia did not know was that her mother was planning a huge send-off surprise for her, along with kitchen appliance brand Electrolux.

While this might be an ad, the story was still poignant and the surprising moment is sure to melt your heart.

Watch it unfold in this heartwarming story…