Her Parents Couldn’t Buy Her a Horse So This Girl Trains Her Cow to Jump Like One! Incredible!

Fifteen-year-old farm girl Regina Mayer wanted to be an equestrian but her parents said she couldn’t have one. Not one to lose hope so easily, the young girl decided to make do with what is available at the farm – and found a wonderful cow named Luna.

The first few months of training the cow to act like a horse had been crazy, with the cow resisting Regina’s weight on its back a number of times. Yet this girl has made up her mind to become an equestrian even if it means achieving her dream by jumping with a cow. So, she continued to coax the cow to go on with the training.

Photo credit: AP/Daily Mail UK
Photo credit: AP/Daily Mail UK

Luna soon warmed up to the idea and learned how to follow commands such as “stand”, “gallop”, and “go”. Soon enough, the bovine was racing and jumping like a horse! It was incredible!

The neighbors found it a bit weird to see a girl riding a cow like it was a horse but also later warmed up to the idea. They still think it was funny but they also feel admiration for this determined girl. As for Luna, well, Regina has trained her so well that she now thinks she’s a horse (or so Regina jokes, anyway)…