Her Son Created a Touching Message that Made Her Cry…But Nothing Prepared Her from the Real Surprise

As a navy officer who has lived most of his adult life away from his mother because of civil duties and having his own family, Ryan knew he had to make up to his mom on special occasions like Mother’s Day.

What better way to make mom special than to make her a touching message detailing how much he loves her and how much his life had been influenced by her greatness? That’s exactly what Ryan did. He made a message to his wonderful mom.

When a Teleflora messenger arrived at her home to hand deliver the message, Ryan’s mother could not help but cry at the touching message, especially as he detailed how his family is now a mirror of the love and life lessons he received from her while growing up.

But nothing really prepared her from the real surprise…

Watch this heartwarming video:

Yes, this is an ad by Teleflora yet it is quite touching and it did feature a real-life mother and son, sharing their personal experience. It is wonderful, isn’t it?