Here’s What Happens after You Buy a Cat to Chase a Rat… But the Rat Wants to Eat the Cat!

Rats and mice can be a huge nuisance around the house – damaging your property from the inside and even causing some serious health risks. This is the reason why it is important to get rid of mice as soon as you find one.

But while the most effective and long-term solution is to hire exterminators to do the job, there’s an old fashioned way to do it: buy a cat to chase the rats and get rid of them for good.

So, that’s what one homeowner did upon discovering that his home was infested with rats. But when the cat was instructed to go after the rat, something crazy happened because it was the rat who wanted to eat the cat!

Hilarity ensues as the rat chases down the cat…

Watch the funny video here:

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