Here’s What Happens When Students Are Allowed to Wear Anything During Graduation – Epic!

Graduates at the Kanazawa College of Art had a blast during their graduation ceremony. After all, they got to wear anything they wanted (as in anything!) for their special occasion. How cool is that? 

The annual event at the college is definitely popular, judging from the shares, retweets and reposts the pictures has been getting lately in different social networking sites. Kanazawa College does not have a graduation dress code, and so, students are free to wear whatever they want, anything they want! This seems interesting (it sure is!) and students somewhat turned the event into an epic one, turning it like cosplay competition.

My favorite’s got to be the one who looks like a human cello! 🙂

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A walking human cello receiving his diploma..

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This one’s definitely my favorite! 🙂

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I wonder what they’re lining up for..

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I bet this student’s a fan of his cellphone that he decided he’d like to be one on his graduation.

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While waiting.. These students pose for a picture..

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Look, there’s boy Experia!

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I wonder if he felt comfortable all throughout the ceremony in that position.. Hmmm…



Another one of my favorites! Meet Danbo!

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Sailor Moon characters! No, they’re not going to save the day, but rather, they’re here to get their diplomas…


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And ta-daaaaa, but of course, Iron Man wouldn’t be absent for the special occasion!

I really admire the  effort these students put into their outfits. hands down to each and every one of you… And congratulations, too! 🙂