Hero Dog Saves Owner from Rattlesnake, Goes Viral for Heroic Deed

A hero dog has recently gone viral for risking his life to save his owner – and netizens are now raising funds to help pay his medical bills.

Paula Goodwin of Anthem, Arizona decided to go out for a walk last June 29. Since it was rather early, her husband and kids didn’t want to take the walk with her; thus, she simply went out and took their dogs, Todd and Cooper.

Photo credit: Paula Godwin / Facebook

Shortly before 7AM, Paula shared a live video on Facebook as she took the walk with her dogs, completely unaware of what would happen next. In the clip, she greeted friends and just talked about the walk she’s taking with her furry pals.

Nobody wanted to come with me — it’s too early. Look how cute Todd is in his little harness,” she announced to her viewers.

That night, though, she updated them about what happened next – and everyone was rather surprised!

Just a few minutes after she made the live video, Paula nearly stepped on a rattlesnake! Having lived in the area all her life, she knew the danger signs of the many wild creatures living there but this one caught her by surprise.

Usually when I hear that rattle I’m backing away. I think he was just resting… I did not see him. Just be aware. I’m so aware and so vigilant and I just didn’t see him anywhere,” Paula revealed.

Sensing the danger, Todd threw himself in front of Paula’s leg just before she stepped on the rattlesnake! Whew!

Poised to strike at that very moment, the snake bit Todd’s face – he was certainly a hero; though he had to deal with the pain and the swollen face for days.

Photo credit: Paula Godwin / Facebook

Thanks to Todd’s actions, Paula was saved.

But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me He jumped right in front of my leg [where] I surely would have got bit. This is what a hero looks like. Please say a little prayer for my sweet hero,” she added.

In honor of her furry hero, Paula started a GoFundMe campaign – not for him but for owners in need of treatment for their dogs.

We are raising money on Todd’s behalf to provide help to other dogs and owners around the valley who may need help with paying bills for anti-venom as in this case!

As of press time, the campaign has received over $2,700 in donations; this is several times the initial goal of $500.

Photo credit: Paula Godwin / Facebook

Good job, Todd! We hope you make a full recovery…

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