Hero Mom in Coma After Shielding 6-Month-Old Baby in Car Crash that Killed 3 Family Members

A family’s fun-filled trip to Brazil to attend a family member’s graduation had a tragic ending after three of them were killed and two were left in critical condition when their vehicle was struck by another car whose driver also died at the scene.

Anthony Hays, 37, from Morecombe, Lancashire in England died on the spot along with his mother-in-law and niece. His wife and her sister survived but were brought to the hospital in critical condition.

Photo credit: Mirror UK/Facebook
Photo credit: Mirror UK/Facebook

Only the couple’s 6-month-old, Luiz, survived the fatal crash without a lot of injuries – and this was all thanks to his mother who sacrificed her body to save him. According to reports of the accident, Anthony’s wife Aline threw herself over Luiz to protect the child, taking the brunt of the impact.

Anthony’s parents flew in all the way from England to take care of Luiz and Aline but are feeling the depth of responsibility the accident had thrown them, especially because they had the task of telling Aline that her husband and her mother are dead – and that her sister is also in critical condition.

Aline has come out of the medically induced coma and asking for Anthony, his parents said they do not know how to break the devastating news to her. Anthony’s body has been flown to England for a proper burial at his hometown but his parents are still staying with Aline at the hospital in Brazil.

Photo credit: Mirror UK/Handout
Photo credit: Mirror UK/Handout

Aline’s actions simply showed that mothers would do everything, even risk their own lives, for their kids!

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Mirror UK

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