WATCH: Hero Taxi Driver Jumps Off the Bridge to Rescue Baby Thrown by its Mother!

While it is true that most parents will do anything and everything for the well-being of their children, not all parents are like that – and there are those who only think of themselves and even willingly harm their own kids!

In Ruzhou City in Henan Province of central China, an unnamed mother was spotted calmly throwing her baby from a bridge before walking away as if nothing happened. Shocked onlookers didn’t know how to respond – and none even thought of catching the woman.

As the baby began to sink to the bottom of Jing River, the witnesses could only scream in fear for the child’s safety. It was apparent that the baby was doomed.

Screenshots from video by DAILY NEWS / YouTube

A taxi driver who happened to be driving across the bridge noticed the commotion. Upon learning what just happened, the man readily left his taxi and jumped off the bridge in hopes of saving the baby!

Thankfully, the unnamed taxi driver was able to retrieve the child from the bottom of the river. Some onlookers threw him a rope which he wrapped around the child’s body; the baby was hoisted up by the people on the bridge.

While waiting for medical personnel to arrive, the onlookers tried their best to revive the baby; although the child only regained consciousness at the hospital. The identity of its mother as well as the rescuer remains unknown but netizens are praising this hero taxi driver for risking his own life to save the baby.

Meanwhile, the authorities are still studying whether they will file charges against the mother as it was hypothesized that she was likely suffering from a mental illness that’s why she was capable of throwing her own baby off that bridge in cold blood…

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