Hero Teen Saves Old Man from Hailstorm, Earns Much Praise on Social Media

At a time when teenagers are considered selfish and self-centered, it’s great to hear good news of one helping out another person in need – even without being told to do so! This is the reason why this story of a teen who saved an old man from a hailstorm had gotten much media attention.

Elvis Ingersoll, 14, was working at their family-run restaurant Gracie’s in Vallejo, California when a hailstorm suddenly hit the area. When he looked outside, Elvis saw an elderly man trying to cross the street but was getting hit by the hailstones.

Knowing how painful that can get and seeing that the old man was having a difficult time, Elvis rushed to his aid carrying a large umbrella. The old man was a regular at the restaurant but proud dad Ken Ingersoll knew that his son would do the same thing, even for a random old person caught in that hailstorm.

Photo credit: Rick Buenaventura / Mirror UK

The hailstorm lasted only four or five minutes at the most,” dad Ken said. “He could not have gotten caught at a worse time.

Rick Buenaventura, another regular at the restaurant, saw what happened and captured the lovely moment which he shared on social media. He wrote, “It was a wonderful moment I captured.

People loved it! The photo quickly went viral on social media, with netizens praising the young man for his kind actions.

Good kids are still around they just don’t seem to be seen by the internet. As are good, decent adults,” one person commented.

Fine young man right there! Such a nice, nice thing to do. Seeing posts like this does the heart good. Well done Elvis Ingersoll,” another one wrote.

This is truly a heartwarming moment, right?

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Mirror UK

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