Heroic Driver Sacrifices $70,000-Car to Save Stranger having a Heart Attack on Busy Highway!

Many of us would willingly sacrifice anything and everything for our family and friends – but can we easily say the same for strangers? Well, it really is hard to tell how everyone would react to certain situations but one man proved that he had a heart of gold and would willingly sacrifice his expensive car to save a stranger’s life!

Manfred Kick was driving his Tesla Model S (such models cost at least $70,000) along a busy highway in Munich, Germany when he noticed a Volkswagen Passat moving erratically ahead of him. The car hit the highway barrier numerous times but it continued moving forward, definitely endangering its occupants as well as other cars in the motorway.

Realizing that the Volkswagen’s driver was unconscious and could die if struck by another vehicle in that highway, Manfred decided to intervene. He immediately called emergency services while also overtaking the other vehicle and maneuvering his car to align it with the Volkswagen.

Photo credit: Feuerwehr München / Facebook

As soon as the Volkswagen’s bumper hit his Tesla, Manfred began slowly applying brakes until both vehicles stopped. He continued applying brakes to keep the other car from moving while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Minutes later, a firetruck arrived with several first responders who retrieved the 41-year-old Volkswagen driver from his car, apply first aid, and rush him to the hospital where he reportedly revived and is now recuperating.

Manfred would make headlines for his extraordinary heroic act in saving the stranger – and the fact that his expensive car was so battered by the ordeal that the total cost estimate for the repairs amounted to €10,000 ($10,600)! Yeah, it really was such an expensive sacrifice to make for a total stranger!

Photo credit: Feuerwehr München / Facebook


But his heroic act didn’t go unnoticed. Many people offered to donate money to help Manfred pay the cost of repairing his car – and news about the deed would reach Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk who was so impressed by what Manfred did that he openly praised him on social media.

More importantly, the Tesla CEO also announced that the company will shoulder all expenses and expedite the repair of Manfred’s car! Awesome, isn’t it?

We’re definitely impressed. After all, Manfred had no idea Tesla would pay the damages his expensive car would sustain yet he sacrificed the vehicle to save the stranger’s life, anyway!

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