Heroic Teenager Admired and Considered as “Life Saver” for Rescuing Choking Best Friend

Best friends would always do anything  for each other and no matter what, they will always stand, fight and defend one another. They would always stay loyal and true to their friendship despite differences and flaws. Though it may be difficult to find one true friend, once found, it was meant to last for a lifetime.

Young as they are, two boys in their mid-age proved that their friendship is one worth keeping.  They were best buddies but they became even closer after passing through one near-***** experience when one saved the other.

Two teenage students in Norwalk Middle School, Kaden Mancilla and Eban McKenzie are best friends.  They always spend a lot of time together in school, including lunch breaks when they would sit together at a table in a cafeteria, share their meals and tell their usual funny stories.

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It was one lunch break when their friendship had been put into test.  That time, Eban, who was a naturally funny friend, ‘cracked’ a joke that made Kaden burst in laughter.  Shortly after, Kaden who was then snacking on a carrot started to choke and gasped for breath.

With presence of mind, teenager Eban stayed calm, rushed to his best friend Kaden and knew exactly knew what to do even if he had no training in first aid.

“He had his hand over his throat just coughing and coughing. Everybody has the general sense of knowing what to do, but I didn’t really know how to properly actually do it, but I tried the best I could,” Eban said.

“It kind of just happened. I didn’t panic. I just thought, ‘Well, he’s choking,’ and got up and just did it,” he added.

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Meanwhile, the teachers thought the students were just ‘horsing around’ when they noticed the commotion.  But then, they were convinced that there was something wrong going on when they watched the school’s security footage.

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Kaden was really grateful that his best friend Eban was able to save him from choking.  From then on, they became even closer to each other just like real brothers.

Their teachers said Eban was a ‘hero’ but he said, he did it not for the credits but to save Kaden because he was his best friend and it was the right thing for him to do.

Photo : Little Things