He’s 91 and he regularly works out; inspires others to keep themselves fit

  • Wearing his overalls, a 91-year-old man can be seen three times every week working out in a gym in Alabama
  • This, the gym management said, inspires other people to keep themselves fit
  • He has been named Member of the Month for January 2020 for serving as an inspiration to others

A 91-year-old man who wears coveralls and overalls to the gym became an inspiration online when Anytime Fitness posted his photos and named him Member of the Month for January 2020.

Image via Facebook | Anytime Fitness

According to a Facebook post by Anytime Fitness Semmes, Alabama, Lloyd Black has been with them for the past year and “we have seen nothing but motivation and inspiration from him since he started.”

Black said he started going to the gym when he noticed that simple tasks became hard, if not impossible for him to accomplish. He works out three times every week wearing his outfits that earn the attention of other people in the gym. But Good News Network reported that he doesn’t mind because they are warm, comfortable, and he find it difficult to keep his pants up if he does not wear overalls.

Anytime Fitness Semmes General Manager Ashley Seaman told Today in an interview that Black has shown improvement over the course of a year. When he was just starting, he barely lasted 10 minutes on the treadmill. Now, he can do power walks for 30 minutes before proceeding to his workout.

Image via Facebook | Ashley Seaman

He has also grown acquainted to the gym’s equipment as well and offers help to his fellow seniors who have no idea how to use them. “He is just a friendly soul. It is cute because he will go to the other silver sneakers — elderly members — and he will show them how to use the machines,” Seaman said in the same interview.

Black, they said, inspires other people to keep themselves fit. “Seeing someone like him inspires others to keep it up and incorporate fitness into their life. Seeing him in the gym three times a week working out in his overalls brightens our day and we hope to have him many more years to come,” Anytime Fitness said on their post.

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