Hilarious: Bride Surprises Groom by Dressing Up as a T-Rex During their ‘First Look’

Prenuptial photo shoots are special creative moments to capture images worthy of being hanged in living room walls. The pictures often depict intimacy and joy but the best ones often have the important component of being ‘memorable’.

Image: YouTube / Jonathan Murray

Elizabeth Gardner, had an amazing idea to make the ‘first look’ very memorable by dressing up as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

The ‘first look’ is becoming an increasing trend. It is a moment during the photo shoots wherein the groom is staged on a location then the bride approaches him from behind and taps his shoulders. The groom then turns around and sees his bride and they will usually hug, making a really incredible moment. Those moments look really great on the pictures but Elizabeth has a better idea.

Watch the video below to see the hilarious moment during the couple’s ‘first look’. When the groom turned around, his reaction was priceless.

Image: YouTube / Jonathan Murray

When Elizabeth was asked where she got the idea, it turns out that her mother’s maiden name is ‘Rex’ and the dinosaur costume on ‘first look’ is too funny to pass.

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